We used to have Super Bowl parties all the time. Now, when I say "parties" I mean get we used to get drunk Super early and eat the hell out of some chili & wings. But there's an art to it. Which is why I've got The Top Tips for Having a Great Super Bowl Sunday.

1st off make sure you tie one on the night before.  Booze tastes better in the morning if you're shaking off a hang over.  Hair of the Dog is not just a great Nazareth song...it's a lifesaver after a Super Saturday party.

Bloody Mary's are everyone's go-to...but might I suggest an alternative morning drink for your Super Sunday.

Here's the recipe:

  • Cranberry juice
  • Southern Comfort
  • Ice

That's all you need.  Throw some ice in the glass and fill it at least 1/4 full.  Then dump cranberry juice on top to make Dogface & Mick Fleetwood happy.

Don't worry.  They've got football programming on all freaking day...so, just pop on your favorite sports channel and listen to them try and make a 10 minute story about the backup center's high school band teacher interesting.  And if you dump more SoCo down your gullet...the more interesting Mr. Eaton becomes.


Now that' you're nice and sauced up make sure you get your chili on the stove so it's ready for the game.  You should've cooked your wings the day before when you were sober but you didn't so just try not to give yourself salmonella.

If you're feeling fancy, you can make some charcuterie boards for snacking...but you're just going to feel bad demolishing something too pretty.  Don't spend too much time on it.  A pickle tray & cheese & crackers will suffice until kick off.

So, to wrap it up...my Top Tips for a Great Super Sunday are as follows:

  • Get drunk the night before
  • Hair of the dog helps the lame football banter
  • Let the chili simmer
  • Don't get too fancy with the snacks
  • Don't run out of booze

With those things in mind, you're bound to have an exciting Super Bowl party whether you remember to invite guests or not.

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