It would be fair to say that along with agricultural manufacturing, the military built the Quad Cities. The Rock Island Arsenal has been a backbone of the economy of our region for virtually our entire history.

One of the jewels of Arsenal Island is the 120 year-old golf course, the oldest in the Quad Cities. The golf course, and the nearby 23,000 square-foot Quarters One could soon be available for lease.

According to a report in the Quad City Times, "an official from the Arsenal garrison, which oversees management of facilities on the island, said Monday the Army Installation Management Command's realty governance board gave its approval of the concept."

So, soon some private sector entrepreneur could lease the facilities from the government and see if they can make a go of it.

This wouldn't be the first time this has occurred. According to the Times article, a similar agreement to run the golf course was signed in 2009, but only lasted two years.

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