Many TV shows have had some great Halloween specials, but which ones have been the best? A big one is the Simpsons. They very well hold the record for the most Halloween episodes, giving us a new Treehouse of horrors every year.

This Treehouse of horrors series has a die-hard fan base! It is the king of Halloween shows, but some others definitely have some classics!

I love Halloween and would love to find more awesome Halloween specials, so If you know one, tell us on our App!

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Other great Halloween specials


Friends A great one to start with is the episode titled. "The One with the Halloween Party" This one is a classic.


Spongebob had a great one, "Scaredy Pants" this one was fun as a kid... even now that I'm older it is funny.


The Office is a classicI'm biased because I love this show, but I have really enjoyed all their Halloween specials.

Community is known for epic one-offs, but a personal favorite of mine is the Halloween episode known as  "Epidemiology"

How I Met Your Mother is a show I've liked, but can't always remember for some reason so I had to go back to rewatch this episode, but "Slutty Pumpkin" deserves to be on this list.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine is like the office in the sense that every Halloween episode is a classic!

The Suite Life of Zack & Cody is another show on this list for kids, but growing up I loved this episode. "The Ghost of Suite 613" was so fun and a core memory of my childhood.

Freaks and Geeks gets overlooked a lot, but their "Tricks and Treats" episode is great!

Finally, you all saw Sabrina: The Teenage Witch making it onto this list. "A Halloween Story" is a classic

Don't forget to let us know your favorite on our App!

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