There's something to be said for the notion that all the Christmas magic we felt as kids was a result of being kids, and having parents who spent the time and energy needed to make it special. When you're now the one responsible for making it happen, it's kind of different, isn't it?

A new survey is out, ranking states by their "Christmas spirit", and Iowa's place on this list took a massive tumble from last year.

The survey ranks all 50 states (plus Washington, D.C.) by factors including evergreen farm numbers, charitable giving, and how often residents online shop, stream, and tweet Christmas content. According to CenturyLink:

To determine which states have the most Christmas spirit, we compiled 10 data metrics in two main categories: (1) Christmas-themed online activity within the last 12 months and (2) Christmas-related cultural markers.

New Hampshire was ranked as the state with the most Christmas spirit for the second straight year, while Wisconsin came in second.

Who had the least Christmas spirit? Why, Washington, D.C., of course, which makes perfect sense considering a lot of the activity going on there these days could be partly responsible for the rest of America's lack of "Christmas spirit".

Century Link
Century Link

It looks almost exactly like a political map, doesn't it?

According to CBS2, CenturyLink has Iowa ranked #36. In 2021, we were #15!

The other thing is, they actually asked people if they agreed with the survey's findings and 77 percent of people said yes!

Century Link
Century Link

Here's hoping YOU find some joy in the season that's all about doing just that!

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