Have you ever successfully found morel mushrooms? The warm weather after a rain makes it prime time to find these precious fungi. I've searched for these babies a time or two, but I've never been able to find a morel; not even the little grey ones. Here's what I've learned from the experts. Prime weather conditions include high humidity and warm temps. So the rain we had this weekend in the Quad Cities and the warmer temps expected this week make it the perfect time to find morels.

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I've heard many hunters say Mother's Day is best time, but really as long as the temps are warm and there's some moisture; you'll be successful. Now here's the hard part. Don't be surprised if successful hunters won't share their harvest locations.

Morel Mushrooms Should Start Popping Up In Rockford This Week
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It's kind of like the Fight Club. Never talk about the Fight Club and you never reveal your morel mushroom location. Sure, hunters will boast, but rarely will they disclose their locations. That's ok. Did you know you can search for mushroom maps? Here's one I found for Iowa. Basically you want to look for a wooded location with some downed trees, vegetation and some privacy. A fellow hunter clued me in on searching near tree trunks or dead trees. The Iowa DNR also has some tips to find morels. Check that out here. Bring a stick to poke at things. It's spring, critters are nesting and snakes are waking up. You won't want to disturb either of those. Looking near dead leaves and anywhere moss is found is a good idea.

Finally, be patient. If you don't find mushrooms your first time out, don't worry. It takes time and what you've gained is a nice walk through the woods. Keep in mind if you DO find these golden morsels, you can either clean, slice and toss these in a salad, fry in butter and flour or saute for your steak OR take them to any higher end restaurant in the Quad Cities. Most chefs will snap them up and offer you some cash or at least offer to make you a great meal with these priceless pieces. If all else fails, take a look at this YouTube video. You may pick up some more techniques from someone who's really an expert unlike myself. Happy hunting.

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