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Morel Mushrooms Should Start Popping Up In Rockford This Week
liminal_forest via Instagram

It's that time of year again. Spring time in the Midwest means tons of Morel mushrooms will be popping up all over Iowa and Illinois.

With air temperatures on the rise and spring officially here, ground temperatures in both Iowa and Illinois are warming up causing Morel mushrooms to grow. Soon, you'll see a lot of people on the edges of wooded areas and forests looking for this delicious mushroom.

While we are in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic, hunting Morel mushrooms will actually be a great activity to do while practicing social distancing. If you see anyone else in the woods while looking for Morel's, just make sure you are hunting 6 feet apart, or run...

Iowa Morel Report keeps avid hunters of Morel's up to date as on where people have found the mushroom in the state. On the Iowa side, Morel's have mainly been found in counties south of I-80. Closer to the Quad Cities, Morel mushrooms so far have been found in Scott, Muscatine, Washington, Johnson, Des Moines, Lee, Henry, and Keokuk counties.

Illinois Morel Mushrooms keeps avid hunters of Morel's up to date as on where people have found the mushroom in the state. On the Illinois side, there have been an enormous amount of reports of Morel mushrooms in southern Illinois. A few people closer to the QC have found Morel's in Rock Island, Whiteside, Carroll, Henry, Mercer, Henderson, Warren and Knox counties.

With the ground temperatures on the rise, warming air temperatures, rain, and decent humidity levels, more Morel mushrooms will start popping up.

Below are current ground temperatures reported by weather.gov. Also, CLICK HERE for the Quad Cities forecast showing the perfect mixture to get Morel's to start growing.

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