If there's one mantra I stick to in life, it's this: There's no bad day for ice cream (or pizza. Or really any snack). Sure, it might be a gloomy morning in the Quad Cities, but ice cream will surely make it better – especially when it's supporting a good cause.

And today, that's exactly what Whitey's is doing. June 17th, 2019 marks Whitey's 31st annual 'Cones for Kids' event. According to WQAD, half of the profits from cone sales at all Whitey's locations will go to Bethany for Children and Families, an organization that provides mental health services, social services and education to children and families in the Quad Cities.

The fundraisers only counts for cones and dips, so no brownie unders on this one. Still, it's not like that leaves you a limited selection! Plus, you don't have to worry about being stuck at work and missing it!

The fundraiser will run until 11 p.m. when all stores close.

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