Yea, I said it. I said the "S" word. Snow. OK, hear me out. Remember two years ago? Kids in the Quad Cities needed coats, gloves and boots because they were Trick-or-Treating in the snow.

Moline had its 2nd snowiest October on record. 6.5" inches of snow for the month of October, 2019. So, it's actually not too early to be wondering if the Quad Cities will see snow again this month.

Technically the 'first snowfall' includes snowfall accumulations of at least an inch or more according to the National Weather Service.

The average date for the Quad Cities to receive it's first snowfall is around November 21. Although the earliest snowfall was recorded back in 1942 on September 25 with 0.1" of the white stuff.

The snowiest (is that a word?) or the most snow we've seen in the Quad Cities happened in October, 1967. We got 6.6" of snow.

What we'd all like to know is when can we expect the first snowfall? Will it snow on Halloween like it did back in 2019? The experts can't say exactly, but what we do know is when it comes to snowfall forecasting for this time of year, we can look at ground temperatures.

National Weather Service photo
National Weather Service photo

The models might show us snowfall accumulations, but many times the ground temps are still above freezing which will either melt the snow that falls or reduce the amount of snow that accumulates.

According to the National Weather Service map it looks like the Quad Cities shouldn't expect snow until Dec. 12-19. That's ok with me. White Christmas snow is the best. Let's hope the Quad City area kids don't have to Trick-or Treat in snow gear this year.

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