It's October in the Midwest and it's really not to early to start thinking about snow. Remember last year? Many of us passed out Halloween candy to Trick-or-Treaters as they walked through snow, bundled in jackets underneath costumes.

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Right now our yards are green, plants are still in bloom, but it cold be only a few short weeks before we need a shovel and a snowblower. I know; I don't like to think of it either, but here are the cold, hard facts.

As it turned out, we had a pretty mild winter with not many snow storms last year. What really stung is that it snowed in October. It can also snow in April. That's six solid months of winter which gives me chills just thinking about.

Here is when it first snowed (measurable snowfall) in the Quad Cities for the past seven years according to

10/29/2019  .27" of precipitation or nearly 3" snow

11/09/2018  .1" of precipitation or 1" snow

11/24/2017 .03" of precipitation or a trace of snow

12/04/2016 .03" of precipitation

11/20/2015 trace of snow

11/15/2014 trace

And no snow October-December back in 2013.

The National Weather Service says the average date of a Quad Cities first snowfall is around November 24. But,'s 2020....anything is possible. I'm just hoping I won't have to shovel a path in October.

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