This woman is feisty, no matter what her age.

Kellie Brown, a reporter for WDSU in New Orleans, got a mouthful when she tried to explain how old a woman was after the region was besieged by multiple tornadoes.

An incredulous Constance Landry was having none of it when she heard Brown say she's nearly 80 years old, so she made it abundantly clear that she is 75.

She wasn't done, though. When asked if she would come back to New Orleans after the twisters, a deadpan Landry whipped out some old school line to make her position clear when she asked, "Is an elephant heavy?"

Perhaps the saving grace for Brown is that she didn't mention Landry's weight. Nothing good has ever come from talking about a woman's weight, right?

Considering we live in an era when the president has gone to war with the media and labeled many outlets "fake news," it's important to remember that the most important thing reporters can do is be accurate, so kudos to Landry for taking Brown to task, while also putting a smile on our face in the process.

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