Keeping your pets safe in hot weather can take an extra level of care.

Let's get to the biggest thing first. It is not safe to leave you pet in the car even for a few minutes when it is hot and humid out. This chart published by AMVA shows just how rapidly the temperature rises in your car and why it is never safe to leave an animal in a vehicle.

Elapsed timeTemperature rise inside vehicle
10 minutes19°F
20 minutes29°F
30 minutes34°F
60 minutes43°F
1 to 2 hours45-50°F


Aside from the car issue make sure to cool your pet inside and outside. Remember if it is hot for you then it is even hotter for them. They will also rapidly dehydrate and need an endless supply of cold, fresh water. The AVMA published this list of tips for keeping your animal safe during hot weather.

If you see animals left unattended in vehicles or in any sort of distress please call 911 and report it to local law enforcement.

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