At this point we are all pros at handling those dumb robo scam calls, at this point I even have fun messing with them. But scams come in all forms, and you could also be getting scam emails, or texts. The reason these are  a bit more  dangerous is because all it takes is one link click for you to be in trouble.

That's why scammers are capitalizing on the "Amazon scam."

Once one of these scammers gets your email or phone number, they just assume you are an Amazon shopper. You will be sent an almost word for word doc of an actual form Amazon sends when there's an issue. They leave a link for you to click, and once you do, they get more of your info.

They are capitalizing on your confusion. You may think,

"I didn't buy anything" or "maybe a family member bought something," but it's never a good idea to assume.

It looks just official enough to make you want to dive in a bit deeper, but it is best to just avoid the link and check the legitimacy of the email. Most of the time you can see something is off just by looking at the username of the sender.

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As always, it is important to let your older relatives who may not understand the internet as well about these scams. Scammers will use any place from UPS Amazon Fedex Ebay' and any others to try to scam you. They just usually use Amazon due to its popularity.

We all hate scammers, so let's stop them right here in the Quad Cities!



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