We've had a lot of hot days in the Quad Cities, and we've also seen a lot of humid days. That humidity causes fog on our windshield, and for those of us who wear glasses, it also ruins our vision for a split second.

Any time I leave my car, walk into my house or go outside, my glasses get fogged up. It looks like we might be dealing with that this week.

A Look At The Weather

According to KWQC, we are going to see more heat and humidity in the Quad Cities.

High pressure will control our weather for the next few days. This will lead to plenty of sunshine and building heat and eventually humidity. Today highs will be near 90º with light winds. Tuesday will bring gustier south winds boosting highs into the mid 90s and the feels like temp to 100º.

Oh wow lucky us, I can't wait to deal with extreme heat. Thankfully it will get a bit cooler, but that causes some humidity.

A cold front will arrive on Wednesday, but rain looks to stay NE of our area, so we still manage to hit highs near 90º. As we head towards the weekend we will be on the fringe of an active storm track each night. Thus, rain chances and temps will be taken on a day by day case.

Thermometer Sun 40 Degres. Hot summer day. High Summer temperatures

Can You Fight The Fog?

In short... yes? Some sources say there are a few ways to fight the fogs, but they are very odd, so you might just be best dealing with the fog.

1.  Apply shaving cream to your lenses to create a protective barrier.

2. Rub bar soap on your lenses to create a clear, protective layer.

3. Apply water to your lenses if you're in a bind.

Those are three ways to apparently avoid the fog, though I've never tried it. Best of luck out there to my fellow glasses-wearing Quad City residents.

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