I've seen a few social media posts about sharing a text they've received from an unknown number with links that could  lead to a human trafficking plot.

The text message has been surfacing on the screens of young women in the Quad Cities. According to a story from our news partner Local 4 news, if you click on the link it allows a tracker to access the location and phones of young women.

Braking Traffik, a local human trafficking resource center in the Quad Cites says they've received several calls regarding a text message but could not directly link it to a specific sex trafficking case.
Sharing that tactics like this make it harder to detect a sex trafficker.

Resource staff say say it's important to pay attention to signs, like very personal questions similar to questions asked on dating apps. Be careful and if you get a text saying someone is paying you a compliment or wanting to connect, delete it. It could be nothing but why take the chance.

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