I've seen plenty of deer, coyote and foxes in my backyard; now I'm keeping a lookout for snapping turtles in the Iowa Quad Cities.

Yesterday, the Iowa Department of Natural Resources posted a photo on Facebook of a huge snapping turtle attempting to cross a busy highway in Iowa.

According to the DNR website, it's nesting season and the agency is warning the public to be careful.

Here's what the DNR posted on Facebook:

"If you see one of these critters near the road and would like to move it, it's best to take the turtle across the road in the direction was headed.

Do NOT pick turtles up by the tail (it can injure them), but grab its back legs with its head facing AWAY from your body.

And if you're considering moving a snapper, remember that they can be aggressive and pack a nasty bite!"

As of this morning there were hundreds of comments and shares on the post. Those commenting also posted photos of the turtles seen in their backyards and streets. Yikes. Be careful out there.


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