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Bettendorf Fire Department via Facebook
Bettendorf Fire Department via Facebook

The Bettendorf Fire Department wants to wish kids a happy birthday who are celebrating a birthday during these trying times.

The Bettendorf Fire Department posted the video on Wednesday featuring Firefighter Frank and his friends singing 'Happy Birthday.' In the video, Frank says that the fire department has received several request for them to drive by the homes of people celebrating birthdays, but unfortunately, they cannot.

Firefighter Frank explains that they cannot complete request to drive by people's homes because of several reasons, including handling emergencies and the department wants to keep engines in position to respond as quickly as possible.

Thank you Firefighter Frank and the the Bettendorf Fire Department for this incredible video, and thank you to all first responders, front-line repsonders, healthcare workers, and everyone on the front-line of the coronavirus pandemic!

*Side note: The singing is actually pretty good!*

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