Hundreds and hundreds of teenagers who apparently have nothing better to do, started fights, smashed car windows, and clashed with police near 31st Street Beach last night (Tuesday 6/20).

Teens Dance on Car and Shatter Windshield

Video captured by Chitown Crime Chasers posted on Instagram shows dozens of Chicago Police officers on bikes creating a wall that eventually begins pushing the crowd down the street.

Several fights broke out during crowd movement and a moment in one video shows teens swarming a motorist's vehicle, dancing on the car roof, and eventually kicking in the front windshield before Chicago Police chased the teens away.

Teens Clash With Police, Throw Bottles, and Light Fireworks

P.A. announcement is heard repeating the message "No Loitering. Please Disperse" near the intersection of 31st and Michigan Avenue as a large police presence deals with bottles being thrown and fireworks going off.

According to the post by Chitown Crime Chasers, one female was struck by a vehicle and sustained serious injuries during the chaos in the city.

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A BP station was also "looted and damaged" during the teenage mob, and in the Chitown Crime Chasers video on Instagram, you can see several youths being detained by Chicago Police.

2 months ago there was teen chaos on Michigan Avenue there were shootings, vandalism, and two individuals were attacked by a mob of teens while trying to get back into their apartment building [VIDEO].

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