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Video via Trey Franks
Video via Trey Franks

On Friday, the residents of south Clinton may have heard what sounded like a very loud explosion. Well, they weren't wrong as the M.L. Kapp Generating Station that was along the Mississippi River was demolished by explosives.

We all love a good controlled explosion right? On Wednesday, my fiance, mom and my mom's fiance went boating on the Mississippi River because it stopped raining and it got hot. They live in Camanche and before we went back in, we went by this building that seemed to have been totally stripped down. It was the old M.L. Kapp Generating Station that was scheduled to be taken down on Friday (today). The only reason I tell you this story is because I missed a great chance to leave work early to go sit on the river and video tape this implosion myself. C'MON CONNOR!!!!

Luckily, my buddy Trey went on the Misssissippi River and took a video of the the implosion. I thank him for sending me this video!

There is also a different angle of the implosion. In this video, you can clearly here the horn go off before the explosives go off.

Isn't it just kind of satisfying to watch a controlled demolition of a building? Since this was a controlled demolition, obviously no one was hurt.

Maybe next time I know about a controlled implosion of a building on the river, I'll get a 12 pack and take a half to go watch it.

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