Coca-Cola is one of those iconic American brands with the perfect colors, the perfect logo, and an impeccable marketing track record that started very soon after the company poured it's first glass of Coke. Next week Coca-Cola's marketing genius will be on display as the Coca-Cola Collectors Club meets in the Quad Cities for the first time.

Over 600 Coca-Cola Collectors will meet at their annual convention, this year, at the Isle Casino and Hotel in Bettendorf. The convention begins for members on Monday June 25 and lasts all week. Some of the member activities include a ride on the Celebration Belle, food events, a regular and silent auction, contests and a trading center. Membership and convention registration is needed to attend most of these events and will be available at the door. You can also find out more information here.

The convention will wrap up on Saturday June 30 for a Memorabilia Show and Sale open to the public at the Quad-Cities Waterfront Convention Center, 2021 State Street, Bettendorf, from 10AM - 2PM CT. Expect to see trays, calendars, signs, clocks, and many more items used by Coca-Cola as promotional items over the years. Club President Bill Combs says, “If you have grandma’s old tray you found in the attic or an old picture that your mom had hanging on the wall, come down and let the experts tell you the history of it and give a free appraisal. Collectors who attend the conventions year after year always see something they have not seen before.” Admission and parking to this event is free.


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