I forgot to wear green today.

1 - Clouds, wind and rain are in store for this St. Patrick's Day Eve with skies drying out in time for the parade tomorrow. Your Local 4 News Pinpoint forecast is here.

2 - Our Shamrock & Glam Rock Weekend KIIK's off at 2pm today. We'll highlight Irish artists, hair bands and glam bands all weekend long. Look for Rob and the KIIK-Kar (ok, it's a truck) in the St. Patrick's Day parade tomorrow morning too.

3 - Before you imbibe any green beer tomorrow, read Tami's primer on what it is you're ingesting. We'll talk more St. Patty's Day stuff when we do That Entertainment Thing at around 8:30am.

4 - My Craig's Question today is 'How do you celebrate St. Patrick's Day: Parade? Green beer? Corned Beef & Cabbage? Let me know on our Facebook page.

Have a great St. Patrick's Day weekend.

- Craig

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