9 more days until school starts in Rock Island.

1 - A little warmer today than we've experienced in recent days, but no showers or storms are forecast. Your Local 4 News Pinpoint Forecast is here.

2 - It's Pet of the Week day. The Humane Society of Scott County will be in the studio with Rob this afternoon with a pet that you can adopt. Check in at 3:40pm to hear the interview, and watch the video on our Facebook page.

3 - Help less fortunate kids start school with the supplies they need. Donate to the First Day Project and help the United Way collect school supplies for Quad Cities students. You can get details and make a donation here to set a kid up with a backpack full of supplies for as little as $15.

4 - Footage is making the rounds on the internet of a fan at a Cubs game keeping a baseball that a player meant for a child to have. His friends claim he had already given two baseballs away. My Craig's Question today is: Should he have kept it, or do you always give a baseball to a child? Let me know on our Facebook page here.

Have a great Tuesday.

- Craig