A solar eclipse will happen today, but it's a questionable whether we'll actually see it.

1 - Morning storms will leave behind broken clouds by the time the eclipse begins making viewing difficult. More storms move in tonight. Forecast details from the National Weather Service are here.

2 - Comedian and philanthropist Jerry Lewis passed away on Sunday at age 91. Details and more entertainment news when we do That Entertainment Thing at around 8:40am.

3 - The Cubs and Blue Jays played to an exciting finish at Wrigley Field yesterday with the North Siders winning 6-5. Scores and more when we do That Sports Thing at about 7:40am.

4 - Tempting as it may be, it is important to remember not to look at the sun today without adequate eye protection. You'll also fry the photo sensor on your smartphone if you try to take a pick without a solar filter. There are a variety of places in the Quad Cities you can go to watch the eclipse through other means. Here's hoping the clouds stay out of the way long enough for us to enjoy this rare celestial phenomenon.

Have a great Monday.

- Craig

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