Mother Nature has served up another great morning.

1 - A mix of sun and clouds today will leave a little heavier on the cloud side with the chance of a sprinkle this afternoon. Forecast details from the National Weather Service are here.

2 - I'm scrambling to clean the studio up because we have a guest for That Entertainment Thing this morning around 8:40am. Jason Gilliland will be here to talk about the Alternating Currents festival happening in downtown Davenport this weekend.

3 - The River Bandits close out their series in Beloit tonight before coming home for a four-game weekend series at Modern Woodmen Park. Details and scores on That Sports Thing at about 7:40am.

4 - Did you win the Powerball last night? Someone in Massachusetts won the jackpot, but several folks have apparently won a $1 million. Check those tickets and let me know if it's you. We could, you know, have lunch or something. Become best pals.

Have a great Thursday.

- Craig

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