A few days ago some disturbing fliers were found in a Davenport neighborhood. The disturbing flier talked about "the Night Lion" and how he was going to clean the Davenport streets of those people he felt were a drain on the community. I found the letter so sickening I don't want to go into details about who "the Night Lion" felt didn't deserve to live. Yesterday a 20 year old man was charged with disorderly conduct by Davenport Police for writing the notes.

A 20 year old man from Wonder Lake in Illinois turned himself in to police yesterday and identified himself as the author of the notes. The man admitted to circulating the notes in various places. He wrote the note to promote his unpublished novel and familiarize people with his work and character. The man said he did not intend the notes to be threatening or concerning to people. Davenport Police say there is no public safety threat from the note.

Maybe it's just me, but I would say this isn't the way to introduce a book or a vigilante character to the public. Next time, I'd recommend the author hire a great web designer and try introducing his characters through a hip website. It's safer that way for everyone.

Here's the Facebook post from the Davenport Police Department:


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