With the Mississippi River projected to crest for a second time Monday at 16.9 feet the City of Davenport is taking down the barriers that kept the Mississippi River from flooding downtown. This according to an article in the Quad City Times.

The Mississippi River's big crest occurred Saturday when the river was measured at 18.1 feet. Once Davenport city officials were sure the river's second crest wouldn't be over 17.5 feet they scheduled the removal of the barriers along River Drive. Barriers were removed and debris clean up led to the opening of River Drive through downtown on Thursday.

Last week I chatted with a friend as we detoured our way around flooding to go pick up his truck at an auto repair shop. He characterized this summer and fall's floods as being more than the city has seen in a while. Maybe not major, but certainly not minor either. Especially the one we just got through.

I only had to do the detour around River Drive once during it's 10 day closure. For those doing it every day, I'm sure it got old fast. I don't know about you, but I'm glad things are getting back to normal. Hopefully we won't have to worry about flooding again until the snow melt in the spring. If we're really lucky, that won't be too bad.


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