Motorists who frequently drive on River Drive in Moline will need to take a few detours for a couple of days this week. Officials from the I-74 River Bridge announced that a small portion of River Drive in Moline will be closed but the ramps for I-74 on River Drive will stay open for traffic.

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On Monday, officials from the I-74 River Bridge announced that (weather permitting) a portion of River Drive near the new I-74 River Bridge will be closed. That portion will be closed on Tuesday, May 10, and Wednesday, May 11.

The portion of River Drive that will be closed in Moline will be between 19th Street and the I-74 on-ramp in Moline. Officials say that the I-74 ramps on River Drive will remain open.

The purpose of the closure of River Drive is because contractors are removing old I-74 structures over River Drive.

How To Get To Iowa-Bound I-74 Ramps

Officials say that motorists traveling westbound on River Drive in Moline will be able to access the Iowa-bound on-ramp without a detour. But motorists traveling eastbound on River Drive can turn right on 19th Street, left on 6th Avenue, and left onto the Iowa-bound on-ramp.

Exiting Illinois-bound I-74 at River Drive:

Motorists that want to exit Illinois-bound I-74 at River Drive must turn left on River Drive, according to officials, to go eastbound. To get to westbound River Drive, motorists must turn right on 23rd Street, right on 4th Avenue, and right on 19th Street to River Drive.

I-74 River Bridge officials say that downtown traffic may use 4th Avenue, 6th Avenue, or 7th Avenue to get around the River Drive closure.


Motorists can find a map of westbound River Drive detours here, and a map of eastbound River Drive detours here.

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