A Bettendorf customer of Iowa American Water reported an individual claiming to be an employee knocked on their door and wanted money to avoid turning off their water. This person was not an Iowa American employee and was trying to take advantage of the customer. Instead of paying, the customer called Bettendorf Police.

Iowa American Water employees in the field cannot accept payments and generally will never request entry into your home unless you've scheduled an appointment. Iowa American Water says their employees always carry company issued photo ID cards. They also have a uniform, jacket or hat with the company logo. Finally, they'll be driving a truck with the Iowa American logo printed on the side.

Generally the only time they'll knock at your door unannounced is when there is a major water main break, and they're telling you the water will be shut off.

If a utility worker needs to come inside your home and you're unsure the worker is legitimate, ask them to wait outside and confirm their employment with the utility. Iowa American Water's Director of Operations Mary Jane Midgett says, "There is no need to feel uneasy about making someone wait outside while you confirm that person is a legitimate utility worker."

Here's a link to the news item from Iowa American Water with more tips to ensure your safety against impostors.

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