If you have been stressing out about getting your vehicle information up to date during this pandemic, we have some good news. According to WQAD 8 vehicle stickers can be renewed at drive-up Illinois offices.

Starting Tuesday May19th seven driver services locations run by the Illinois Secretary of State’s office will reopen. This means that drive-through service for those needing to renew vehicle registration stickers will be operational and ready to help. Secretary of State Jesse White says employees will wear face masks and  he has encouraged people who need to visit to wear their own face coverings. These specific locations were chosen because they allow for drive-through transactions.

It should also be noted that drivers can still renew their vehicle registration stickers online, but if you can't do so the drive up locations include three of the facilities in Chicago, one in Rockford, one in Macomb, and the other two in Tilton and Springfield.

Information about online or drive up renewal can also be found at the Office Of The Illinois Secretary Of State.

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