I have one friend that I have known since high school who I've been through thick and thin with. Our friendship has survived many strains. He gave me a concussion when he sped off in his car causing me to fall off his trunk (loooong story). We've had disagreements over girlfriends, the whole gamut of things that could jeopardize a friendship. Yet, 40 years later we remain pals.

A Friday night incident in Moline is sure to strain the relationship of two local men.

According to a local report, one man who had bought a brand new Chevy Camaro picked up his buddy to take him for a spin in his new vehicle. The new car owner let his buddy have a crack at behind the wheel and that's when things went sideways.

Traveling along River Drive along the Rock River in Moline, the buddy of the car owner lost control of the muscle car and drove it into the river.

Both men escaped the car and swam to shore, and were unharmed, but the vehicle was a total lose after being pulled from the river.


No word on whether the friendship will be a total loss.

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