I'm never quite sure how to pronounce the name of these delicate cookies. Is it 'mack-ron,' 'mack-ah-ron' or 'mac-a-roon' or something entirely different. But really you don't need to pronounce the name, you just need to know where to find these little pillows of cookie goodness.

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The last time I had a macaron was in Ann Arbor. My daughter and I did a coffee run and basically ate these for breakfast. Tender crisp puffed wafers with a creamy light frosting middle. They practically melt in your mouth.

You can get your own box right now at Costco. Costco has a 36-pack of these lovelies for just under $11. That's a deal considering the cookies we bought in Michigan for breakfast were $2 each.

The brand is who sells them at Costco is Tipiak. Here's their Insta pic.

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🌈 #frenchmacarons #costco #costcodeals

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Just like the pic, you'll find six of each of these flavors: lemon, blood orange, raspberry, blueberry, pistachio and white chocolate.

Better hurry. The sale ends June 26.


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