I've had a few friends get scammed recently both online and over-the-phone, so you can imagine I am really strict with what apps have access to my info on my phone, tablet and MacBook.

Google's business model is to harvest data from your searches and use it to target ads to you. You can turn off Google's ability to do that, but a recent Today show report shows that even with certain toggles turned off, Google is still tracking where you go.

Here's how you can completely shut down Google's ability to track you.

  • Get on your desktop or cell phone and go to myaccount.google.com.
  • Scroll down to "Personal Info and Privacy" and click on "Manage Your Google activity." Click on "Go to Activity Controls."
  • Turn off "Location History" by sliding the button to the left so it's now gray.
  • When it takes you to a second screen, hit "Pause," and then hit the "Pause" button again.
  • Scroll up to where it says "Web & App Activity" and turn that off by sliding the button left so it's now gray.
  • A second screen appears again, and again you want to hit "Pause." You're all set, and now have limited Google's ability to track you.

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