It's official, the parent company of Younkers was bought by a group of liquidators and creditors and they're wasting no time liquidating the company. USA Today says going out of business sales for the stores starts Friday April 20th. If  you have a Younkers gift card use it now. That's what a senior staff attorney from Consumers Union told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

The Journal Sentinel article goes on to say that court documents indicate the liquidators and creditors have agreed to honor gift cards for the first 10 days of the liquidation sale, after that you'll be stuck with a claim against a bankrupt company with many other creditors. Christina Tetreault, Consumers Union senior staff attorney  had another piece of advice she gave to The Journal Sentinel: don't buy gift cards. She says cash never goes out of style, yet retailers fail all the time, which can make gift cards a dicey gift to give.


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