Halloween pranks are just as iconic as the holiday itself. Debatably the most popular line associated with Halloween is,

"Trick or Treat"

Today we will look at just how much trouble those tricks could get you in this season in the great state of Illinois.


Popular Halloween Pranks

There are a lot of different types of pranks, but the top 5 are usually as follows,

  • Egging a house
  • Throwing Toliet Paper
  • Smashing Pumpkins
  • peeing on the doorstep... yikes!
  • Prank phone calls

Some of those are much worse than others, and four out of five of those can get you into some deep water. (if you prank phone call someone you're probably in the clear.)

The Crimes

It's pretty simple. If you destroy or deface something on private property it's a crime. Odds are you'll be hit with a disorderly conduct charge or vandalism. According to azharillc.com, anyone can be charged.

No matter how young or old you are, your “pranks” could result in you facing disorderly conduct charges if you are caught breaking the law. You need to be aware of how this law works in Illinois and whether you (or your kids) will be unintentionally breaking it by engaging in seemingly harmless Halloween “tricks.”

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Yes, Smashing Pumpkins is Illegal, and you can get in trouble.

Along with egging people or property, throwing toilet paper over trees or houses, and threatening violence when dressed up in a costume... smashing pumpkins is a crime. These very well could result in you or a loved one actually facing criminal charges.

The Punishments

Some misdemeanor charges can range from imprisonment for up to 30 days, six months, or even an entire year. You may also be issued fines to pay that range between $1,500 and $2,500.

It gets worse with Felony disorderly conduct... you could end up imprisoned for between one to five years depending on the specific charge, and be hit with even larger fines.

Writing a ticket

Odds are if you are caught smashing pumpkins on private property you'd face a fine, community service, or a slap on the wrist.

Sadly more often than not pumpkin smashers and other pranksters are never caught, so even with all the scary possibilities, odds are very few people would actually see "justice" after these pranks.

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