It seems like almost everyone loves Halloween and everything that comes along with it. In fact nearly 25% of Americans say it's their favorite holiday. We love to decorate, dress up and Trick or Treat.

Usually kids start expressing an interest in trick or treating at about three, but how old is too old to trick or treat?

I think my last trick or treat happened when I was 13, and I remember we went out of boredom, not so much to get candy. How old were you when you stopped? The following year for me I had absolutely no interest in the activity. 

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According to a YouGovAmerica survey, the second most popular answer to 'how old is too old to trick or treat' was 12. The MOST popular answer is

I don't think children/teens should ever be considered too old to go trick-or-treating

I think I agree. I remember seeing a meme in my newsfeed that said, 'teens who are trick or treating are choosing childhood over partying.' Give 'em a Snickers. That makes sense.


That's easy to do. Kids grow up way too fast anyway. Let them be kids.

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