As someone with three younger sisters who take online classes, I have seen first hand how hard it can be. The benefits include keeping people safe, but it does cause a lot of stress for everyone involved.

Kids get more distracted, or struggle more, while some parents fear that their kids aren't learning enough. WQAD released a list of ways to help with that stress.

A mother, whose daughter Gabriel attends a full-time cyber school called Friendship Public Charter School Online, shared her tips for how to handle online schools.

  • A big one was for parents to be respectful of your child’s learning time and space.
  • She also suggested designating a work area separate from other distractions.
  • My favorite is maintaining a routine for your children just like you would for yourself.
  • The last one was keep things in perspective.

That last one was a bit vague so she went on to say,

"Give yourself a break. This is brand new to you. If you were starting a new job, there would be a, um, uh, there would be time allotted to allowing you to learn the job. Your kid is a smart kid. Your kid is going to work on the level they’re going to work on whether it be at home or at school."

Hopefully one of these if not all can offer some help with the stress that may be soon to come. No matter what happens stay safe and stay health out there QC.

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