If you use the Interstate 74 bridge to travel into Iowa; pop some Advil because your commute may just give you a headache. Our news share partner Local 4, and Ourquadcities.com, is reporting that traffic approaching the I-74 bridge into Iowa will be down to one lane starting in mid March.

In other I-74 bridge project news Local 4 and Ourquadcities.com is reporting that the winter weather we've been experiencing has slowed down some of the work on the project. The weather, at least the cold, doesn't seem to be giving anyone a break either. Local 4's Andy McCray says the National Weather Service Climate Prediction Center is saying the Quad Cities will probably experience below normal temperatures at least until the middle of March.

Of course, when it does warm up and all this snow melts, along with snow from Minnesota that drains into the Mississippi and her tributaries, we'll be dealing with flooding. More flooding than normal. There's no saying how that'll impact construction of the new I-74 bridge either.

So bundle up, buckle up and pop that ibuprofen. Traffic headaches around the I-74 bridge might be here awhile.

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