More changes are coming starting Monday if you use the Grant Street on-ramp in Bettendorf.

Illinois-bound I-74 construction is ramping up and some local access changes will be required according to the I-74 River Bridge Facebook announcement.  Starting Monday, March 1, the Grant Street/US 67 loop ramp to the old I-74 bridge will be closed, weather permitting.

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Old I-74 Bridge Access
Motorists going to River Drive or 7th Avenue in Moline can access the old Illinois-bound bridge ONLY at State Street.

The Grant Street/US 67 off-ramp (Exit 4) on Illinois-bound I-74 will remain open to provide access to downtown Bettendorf and the State Street on-ramp to the old Illinois-bound bridge. See map of alternate routes to Moline.

I-74 Bridge Construction Map/Facebook photo
New Bridge Access
Motorists going to Avenue of the Cities, John Deere Road, or I-280 in Moline can continue to take the new I-74 bridge, which can be accessed at or north of Middle Road.
I-74 Bridge Construction Map/Facebook photo
To improve traffic flow while the Illinois-bound I-74 local detour is in place, the ramps at Middle Road will be re-striped to allow two left-turn lanes. Motorists should watch for new pavement markings and signs at Middle Road. See close-up map of the Middle Road ramps.
I don't use the bridge daily for commutes like many of you do, so it's kind of a new adventure for me every time I need to go to Illinois. Just take it slow and pay attention to the signage. Traffic patterns are well-marked. If your mind isn't in auto-pilot mode, you'll be good to go.

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