When I first came here, I commented to someone on the vintage architecture of the I-74 bridge. I was told not to get to attached to it, as the bridge was being replaced soon.

Four years later, when my son was born, I said that at the rate things were progressing, he would be the first person to drive across the new I-74 bridge.

My son will turn 14 years of age in a month.

Today, 18 years after my arrival in the Quads, Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds, and Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner will break ground to begin construction on the new I-74 bridge (assuming Illinois has enough cash on hand for a shovel). The two governors will meet in Leech Park in Bettendorf with other local officials who are likely breathing a sigh of relief to finally see this thing get going after so many stops and starts due to funding issues.

As for me, I'll start teaching my son to drive in about 18 months. If all goes well, the boy will have his driver's license by early 2019 - about three years before the new bridge is completed.

Hopefully, he'll let me ride shotgun because I can't wait to drive it.


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