I feel like Illinois is that kid in school who gets picked on for no reason.

Why do other states not like us? What did we ever do to them? A new study had Americans rank the best states, and spoiler alert - Illinois didn't make it very high up on the list.

What states ranked the best on the list? Chicago Suntimes detailed -

Hawaii topped the rankings, followed by Colorado, Virginia, Nevada and North Carolina to round out the top five. D.C. finished last, with Alabama, Mississippi, New Jersey and Arkansas in the bottom five.

So where is Illinois on the list of the best states? Illinois came in 39th with a 44% winning percentage. It's on the list right in between Idaho and Wisconsin. Here's what the full ranking list looks like -

So how did they determine what state's are the best? According to Chicago Suntimes -

YouGov, a market research and data company, says it “asked people to choose the better of two states in a series of head-to-head matchups” including all 50 states and Washington, D.C. Each state received a winning percentage based on how often they won those head-to-head matchups in polling.

Apparently Americans aren't too in love with Illinois or Wisconsin!

I don't understand why we ranked so low though. I mean, sure, we have a lot of flat farm land, and we have ridiculous taxes. But we have a ton of great things too.

You can see read more about the ranking here.

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