Ahead of Mardi Gras where the French Quarter will be the epicenter of a huge party WalletHub has published it's list of most sinful states. If their article is to be believed the people of Iowa are a heck of a lot more angelic than the people of Illinois.

Source: WalletHub

Iowa ranked as the eighth least sinful state in the nation. While Illinois placed as the eighth sinful state in the nation. So how did WalletHub arrive at it's rankings? WalletHub compared all 50 states on seven key dimensions: anger and hatred, jealousy, excesses and vices, greed, lust, vanity and laziness.

Iowa's highest score of the seven key dimensions was jealousy. Jealousy was determined by metrics relating to thefts per capita, identity thefts per capita and fraud and other complaints. That's not surprising based on Davenport's car theft problem and the amount of scams that seem to be operating in the area.

Our lowest score was greed, which was surprising since they used casinos per capita, charitable donations, persons arrested for embezzlement per capita  and the number of people with gambling disorders.

Illinois biggest problem according to WalletHub is vices. They calculated this by figuring out how many people are overweight, how many people smoke, drink, how many people have died from a drug overdose, the number of opioid prescriptions filled, how many people smoke weed, debt to income ratio and how many people drink coffee. I'm actually surprised with this list, this wasn't higher in Iowa as well.

Our lowest score was anger and hatred measured by violent crimes per capita, hate crimes per capita, sex offenders per capita, hate groups per capita, bullying, maltreated adults and children, teen dating violence, elder abuse, number of mass shootings. The list goes on and on here. With Chicago area violence always in the news, this was the lowest score? Surprising.

This is a fun article to read, debate, and chuckle about. The article's reality in our everyday life may vary. Especially in the Quad Cities where Iowans and Illinoisans have a lot in common and our cities in both states share the some of the same problems and successes. What do you think? Is Illinois really more sinful than Iowa?


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