It's been a difficult few weeks for the state of Iowa.

On May 21st, Greenfield Iowa was struck by a devastating tornado that completely destroyed the town. Multiple people died and even more sustained injuries from the storm.

You can read more about how you can help these families here!

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Tornadoes Cause Damage Across Iowa
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How Many Tornadoes Have Come Through Iowa This Year?

According to reports, the state of Iowa has seen an increase in the number of tornadoes this year.

In 2023, there were seventy-two tornadoes that popped up in the Hawkeye State, according to the National Weather Service.

This number is well above the state's average.

Reports indicate that the average number of tornadoes that Iowa sees in a year is fifty-one. Iowa is the state with the eighth highest number of tornadoes in the entire country.

However, this tornado season, Iowa is racing to the top of the national list.

So far this year, Iowa is the state with the highest number of tornadoes in the entire country.

Tornadoes Cause Damage Across Iowa
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In a recent report from KWWL, Iowa has had ninety-eight tornadoes in 2024.

There were fifty-nine tornadoes in April and thirty-nine in May.

Late May and June is the worst time of year for tornadoes here in Iowa, according to reports.

During these months Iowa as well as the rest of the Midwest, will see a higher frequency and intensity of these sorts of storms.

Top Five States for Tornadoes in 2024

Unsplash - Nikolas Noonan
Unsplash - Nikolas Noonan

Iowa ~ 98

Texas ~ 96

Nebraska ~ 81

Missouri ~ 78

Oklahoma ~ 71

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