If I could use one phrase to describe this film it would be "fever dream." It almost felt like they were going for a vibe of 'It's so bad It's good' kind of movie, sadly they missed the mark on almost everything.

Critics gave this movie a 18% and fans gave it a 55% (at the time of writing this) meaning both parties agree that this movie is not so good.

(Spoiler free)

Lets start with the story, well they have a musical to base it off of that flows well, but this movie still managed to make everything feel disjointed and have almost no direction. I constantly found myself asking why something was happening and what the point was.

As someone who has never seen Cats the musical and rather just seen a few clips of YouTube, I knew a big part would be the songs, and some of them were great, but the visuals with the songs constantly took me out of it. 90% of the visuals in this movie made me feel so uneasy.

It seems like the actors were having fun, but there is almost no life in this movie, going for more laughs, which feels out of place. Jennifer Hudson is one of the very few redeeming quality in this movie. She truly gave it here all. Ian Mckellan also did have a few solid moments.

I'm glad I waited to see this movie on a half priced night, but am still sad that I payed to see it, the studio did send every theater showing this movie a version with revisions, which is unheard of, but I'm not sure if that can save this movie.

Final score: 3.5/10



There is a scene with dancing cockroaches that have faces and then some of them get eaten, it is so weird. Speaking of weird the size of the cats are so off. Some times they are big compared to a doorway, other times they walking on a railroad looking twice as small.

Taylor Swift took her sweet time to finally show up. Jason Derulo sings a song and doesn't say "Durulo' before it which almost felt wrong.

Finally the comedy was awful. One character really says BDE. And Aa that point I knew I had to be done with this movie.

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