This week we're featuring two rabbits from the Humane Society of Scott County. Hopalong Cassie and Dutch. Cassie is the female, Dutch is the male (the brown one.) They're nine weeks old, so they may get a bit larger. They're both very soft and furry, calm when you hold them, and they'd make a good pet for someone who isn't in a position to take a pet outside for walks, or someone with space concerns.

While a rabbit doesn't require as much work as a dog, it does require a little bit of effort. They do need exercise, which can be accomplished by letting them romp around your living room. They do shed. And they do need human interaction and socialization. The Humane Society of Scott County feels rabbits can make good pets for children twelve and up.

Adoption fees for rabbits like Hopalong Cassie and Dutch are $50. That includes a spay or neuter. The Humane Society of Scott County has 10-12 rabbits currently up for adoption.

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