It's incredible what kind of things can make you feel old. Lately, it seems like just...words...can do it. From "lit" to "facts" to "periodt," it's all very confusing. Now, we can add "kittenfishing" to the list.

If your first thought is that it's something similar to catfishing, you're right. "Catfishing" is an online dating term for when someone deliberately pretends to be a completely different person online than they actually are in real life.

In fact, one Quad Citizen was pretty adept at it. But I digress.

According to NBC News, "kittenfishing" is when you don't necessarily lie about who you are, but change little details. Your profile might include "photos with deceptive angles, lying about numbers (age, height, etc.), photos from years ago, wearing hats if you’re bald, or anything else that makes you appear radically different than how you would show up in person."

In fairness, angles are everything when it comes to photos. But the rest is definitely something that gets fudged pretty often. Now there's a term to guilt you with!

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