Slagle Foods, the only full-service grocer in LeClaire, is closing its store as its owner plans for retirement. This is a huge concern for area residents who will now have to drive 20 miles to the nearest grocery store.

According to the QC Times, Paul Slagle, who owns the store with his wife Lynda Slagle, announced the closing to his employees Monday morning. Their store in northwest Davenport is not effected, he said.

Slagle's parents, Harold and Sue Slagle, founded the store in 1965 in downtown LeClaire about three years after they opened their first store in Davenport. It built its current location at 1301 Eagle Ridge Road in 1993.

Slagle said the store's building was sold a year ago to LeClaire businessman Austin Nelson, who has been leasing it to Slagle Foods. A Subway restaurant, located inside the grocery store, also will close, he added.

He said the closing will impact about 15 employees.

News of the closing came as a surprise to city and community leaders.

Asked about recruiting another grocery store, city administrator, Ed Choate said, “We’ll have to sit down and talk about it. Talk with our chamber. Talk with our economic development committee and see what their thoughts are and what direction they want to go."

Social media posts have surged with suggestions from the community asking for an Aldi, Fareway or Hy-Vee store to take it's place.

The city council unanimously approved a plan to build  a Kwik Star mini-store and gas station at S. Cody Road (Highway 67) and Eagle Ridge Road not far from the grocery store.

Hopefully another full service grocery store will fill the space left by Slagles and Subway. This small community needs it.

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