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2020 is coming to a close. THANK GOODNESS!

But as we get closer to 2021, it's not a bad idea to come up with a resolution for next year, or several resolutions. Not sure what resolution(s) to pick for 2021? Maybe pick the one that the rest of the people in your state are selecting.

There is a lot of things that we need to try to do better when we get into 2021. Save some money, stop smoking and drinking, stop swearing, be nicer, lose weight, are just a few things that some people will try doing to better themselves in 2021.

People from state to state are selecting a resolution more than other states. Our friends at Zippia helped us out by finding out the resolution that people in each state will be doing the most.

To find out each states most popular New Year resolution, Zippia used Google Trends and searched queries related to common new years resolutions (such as “weight training,” and “weight loss.”) That data helped them determine each state’s most “uniquely searched resolution” from the list. That means what resolution each state searched for disproportionately more than other states in the U.S from the list of resolutions.

Zippia looked at the month of January 2019 to give people a whole month to act on their new year’s resolution, and a month to find out how terrible 2020 was gearing up to be.

In their research, Zippia discovered some key findings which include:

  • Therapy is the most popular resolution in 12 states
  • Weight loss is second with 8 states trying to slim down
  • 7 states want to quarantine and chill, judging from their searches for internet dating and dating advice
  • 4 states just want a good night’s sleep for 2021

What are going to be the most popular New Year resolutions among Quad Citizens? That depends on what side of the river you're on.

According to Zippia, Iowans are wanting to save money more in 2021. Not a terrible idea ever! Illinoisans want to focus on dating in 2021. Hopefully the vaccine will allow them to date in person again.

Who am I kidding? No one dated in person anymore before the pandemic.

At this point, getting to 2021 is still my resolution for this year.

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