Mayor Klipsch proclaimed Davenport "thriving, vibrant and strong" at the end of his state of the city speech today. As a new resident of Davenport those are words I'm happy to hear. The Quad City Times reports Kilpsch said: "People are wanting to move here. Events are coming here. The financial situation is really good. Our economy is growing, and it's continuing to grow." All of those are great signs for the City.

So are the major projects involving Kraft-Heinz, Sterilite and Costco.  So is the planned future growth out in the area by Rhythm City Casino and a prospective development site out by Interstate 80 and Locust. The crown jewel, in my opinion, the Riverfront. Whenever I cross Centennial Bridge I get goosebumps. There's something about crossing into Iowa on that bridge, looking down and seeing Modern Woodman Park with the Ferris Wheel. I feel that way coming down the hill on Harrison and ending at the Riverfront too.

Our riverfront offers so much potential I'm glad we've budgeted six million for riverfront development over the next six years. I envision a riverfront where people come to dine, relax, shop, hear live music, check out the arts, or watch the river and enjoy some fresh air. Some of that is possible now, but how about more of it? Today Mayor Kilpsch said, "We have nine miles of riverfront. We want to make it a world-class one and we have plans that are in place, working with the council and working with all of you, to make that happen." Let's make it happen.

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