As we wake up to another morning of flowing water, puddles, rain and wet streets it should come as no surprise that yet another flooding record in 2019 has been broken.  This one we need to go all the way back to 1927 to beat.

The great flood of 1927 caused wide spread damage at a time when flood barriers, alerts and safety measures were not in place.  Causing millions of acres to flood, nearly a million people to flee their homes and killed over 100 people.  So anytime a modern day flood can be compared to 1927 it allows us to see how far our preventative measures have come.

The new record here in the Quad Cities; the flooding of 2019 has lasted longer than any other flood in recorded history.

The city has spent over $1 million on fighting this years floods and say that figure will rise as the rain continues to fall and the floods continue to make this the longest flood in our history.

Looking at forecasts for the next two weeks, there are only six days with the potential for rain.  Yes, we are at the point of being optimistic when only half the days in the forecast show rain.

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