The interwebs seem to keep track of everything. In case you've ever wondered, here are the most Googled "why do" questions in Illinois and Iowa.

According to Mental Floss, Iowans want to know, "Why do cats knead?" or 'make biscuits.' This behavior could be attributed to felines trying to mark their territory or it could be a kittenish train that cats retail as adults. It's the same motion they use when they're nursing.

As for Illinoisans, they want to know why dogs have tails. It seems people in Iowa and Illinois are curious about their pets. Why do dogs have tails? According to Psychology Today, for most breeds of dogs the tail is highly visible and serves as a sort of signal flag that communicates information about the animal's emotional state.

As a pet lover I see why we ask these questions. Personally I think we're asking much better questions than people in Michigan. They want to know, "why do I have diarrhea." Ugh. For a complete list of "why do" questions by state take a look at the infographic here.

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