Statistics have been released from the state of Iowa that show Davenport's most dangerous street and it's really not surprising.

The Iowa Crash Analysis Tool looks at what crashes happened when on what roads in Iowa cities. It considers things like crash severity, drunk driving, animal-related crashes, and several categories. If you look at the map, you'll notice one road with a lot of red crash dots on it. That would be Locust Street.

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In fact, just this Wednesday there were two crashes on Locust. KWQC reported a 3-car crash on Wednesday at Locust & Marquette that sent 3 people to the hospital. The other one was at Locust and Cedar and resulted in 1 injury.

I'm really not surprised that Locust has so many crashes. Locust is a narrow, rough road that stretches from Highway 61 to Middle Road in Bettendorf. It's not really just one intersection that makes it messy, the crashes are pretty spread out. In fact, according to the Crash Analysis Tool, already there have been 96 crashes on Locust in 2022.

Even though Locust wins this distinction by a landslide, Kimberly Road isn't the safest to drive either. Since last year, Locust has had 11 crashes that resulted in serious injuries or fatalities. Kimberly comes in 2nd behind Locust, having had 10 crashes that resulted in serious injuries since 2021.

If you're wondering why there are so many crashes on Locust, several of them happened because people ran a red light or stop sign or made a wrong turn.

So be safe out there, drive smart, and for the love of all things holy, use your blinker.

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